Learn The Impact of Open Defecation On Indonesia

Indonesia is the country with the second highest number of people practicing open defecation, Indonesian provinces are being adversely impacted upon – see each individual province profile below.

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School toilet facilities regarded as being in good condition in NTB only reach 19.80%

NTB still faces the problem of Open Defecation. The province has 4,774,000 population, of which 475,426 are children, but only 52.88% of its population has access to improved sanitation.

33.6% has no access to a toilet at all. School toilet facilities regarded as being in good condition only reach 19.80%.

The effect of poor sanitation contributes to the death of children in NTB up to 57 per 1,000 child birth and diarrhea incidence rate of 2.60% in children. Poor sanitation in NTB also contributes to a stunting rate of 45.2% in children.

Learn more about open defecation issues in NTB by downloading the report.


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