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More than 31 million Indonesian still defecate in the open – the second highest country figure in the World (WHO/UNICEF JMP report, 2017). This significantly impacts on not only the environment but critically also on people's health, especially that of children. Every hour between 15 and 22 children die in Indonesia – in most cases from preventable diseases like diarrhea and pneumonia which can be drastically reduced by good sanitation and hygiene (from Levels & Trends in Child Mortality – 2014 Report. Estimates developed by the UN Inter-agency Group for Child Mortality Estimation).

Although progress is being made on the ground, thanks to efforts such as the Ministry of Health STBM program, more public awareness and support is needed in order to eradicate open defecation. Further details can also be seen on the PPSP program and its approaches and data and the overarching Pokja AMPL (WASH working group), a forum for collaboration and coordination.

They can't do it alone – they need your help!

UNICEF initiated Tinju Tinja, an online platform on open defecation to raise awareness on this important issue among youth and all persons and to generate more dialogue on open defecation as this is still too rarely discussed in Indonesia. The next step is action - Tinju Tinja can inspire people from all across around Indonesia to actively participate and help free Indonesia from the threat of open defecation with Aksi Nasional Tinju Tinja (National Action for Tinju Tinja).

In Aksi Nasional Tinju Tinja, people can participate in whichever way they are most comfortable with, from spreading facts relating to open defecation, contributing with their positive stories, pictures, videos etc. and to act as a support to all our brothers and sisters from all over Indonesia in fighting open defecation together. No matter what action you choose, your participation makes a difference and matters a lot!

Join Aksi Nasional Tinju Tinja and Act for Indonesia! Together we can free Indonesia from the scourge of open defecation!

Let's act together to free Indonesia from the threat from open defecation with Aksi Nasional Tinju Tinja

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